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Square Candles

When viewed in the right light, having a candle in your home is like having a functional piece of history.

Indeed, candles have been in use throughout the history of man itself, with millions of people relying on these simple tools to provide light to their living spaces.

Naturally, the humble square candle has come a long way since its earliest representation, and it's definitely worth a second look if you're in the process of thinking about ways to add dimension to a room.
Indeed, square candles can be the perfect way to not only add interest to any room in your home, but can also change the entire mood of a room.

For example, if you want to make a room more romantic, you can always get a square pillar or votive candle and set it up to be the only light source in the room.

The shadows will be cast around the room as a result of the pillar candles make for a perfect scene, especially when paired with other symbols and signs of romance -- flowers, soft music, good food, etc.

There are a few things to think about as you get ready to purchase square candles. First, you will want to think about the size of the square candle you want, which means in turn thinking about the purpose you have for the square candles in the first place. 

 square candles

 pillar square candles

square votive candles

It can be tempting to skip over the step of really visualizing your room, but that would make it even harder for you to find exactly what will be the best choice for the room.

On the other hand, choosing a square candle is a rather freeing experience compared to other types of home decor. Unlike furniture, your new square candles are free to be placed just about anywhere you wish without having to worry about weight or space constraints. 

A large square pillar candle is best if you're trying to use it as an additional light source, or will see yourself lighting it to give the room a certain fragrance. If you have a house with young active children, a large square candle is also harder to knock off a table than a smaller version.

square candle        square candles

There are a few cleanup concerns to think about before you commit to any candle, including square votive candles. After all, a square candle is still made of wax that will drip down and pool underneath the candle. 

 square candle

 square pillar candles

square pillar candle 

In order to avoid this, candle plates are often utilized to hold the square candle and keep the excess wax in its place. There are many square candles on the market that already come with not only a tray to keep the wax in place, but also little legs to give your square candle extra height. 

 pillar square candle

 square votive candle

 scented square candles

All things considered, square candles don't just add another layer of decorative touch to a room -- they bring plenty of new light into a room as well!

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